The Greater jihad.

Hello Fellow Human Being.

The intention of this blog is to change humanity, for the better.

You may not believe what I am about to share with you, but it is a fact that humanity is moving towards unity and peace already. If we examine what is happening with the path of humanity today, we see that in general terms, we have never lived in such an environment of peace, love and respect, in the whole history of humankind. I said that you would not believe me, but there is some evidence because there are many studies demonstrating that the world is becoming less violent, and that human warfare is on the decline

Many forward looking spiritual groups are at this precise moment saying almost identical things about unity :-

  • The Secretariat of the Auroville Foundation on their website states:-

The ideal of human unity, which was already present at the dawn of civilisation, has never appeared so close to realisation, but paradoxically the closer we come to it, the more it seems to elude us. It is as if at the onset of the 21st century the need for human unity has never been so great.


  • The Bahá’í Faith :-

The Bahá’í teachings state that since all humans have been created in the image of God, God does not make any distinction between people regardless of race or colour.[2] Thus, because all humans have been created equal, they all require equal opportunities and treatment.[1] Thus the Bahá’í view promotes the unity of humanity, and that people’s vision should be world-embracing and that people should love the whole world rather than just their nation,

You may be thinking, “so where is this going” , the sad fact is that as the article cited earlier states :-

“There is one aspect of the human existence, however, that continues to ignite humans to commit violence and atrocities against fellow humans. A major new study published by the Pew Research Center shows that religious hostilities reached a 6-year high in 2012.”


It is generally accepted that most muslims despise terror and violence, but it is also the case that sadly, most terrorists these days claim to be Muslim. This blog does not aim to condemn or point the finger at any religious or spiritual group but is intent on urging all Muslims throughout the world to reclaim Islam and fight for the Greater Jihad.

Wherever you look in the world, there continues to be religious motivated violence. From the fighting that has plagued Palestine for the past six decades (Jews vs. Muslims), to the dispute over Kashmir (Muslims vs. Hindus). Also, there’s Nigeria (Muslims vs. Christians), Philippines (Muslims vs. Christians), Iraq (Sunni Muslims vs. Shiite), Sudan (Muslims vs. Christians), Sri Lanka (Sinhalese Buddhists vs. Tamil Hindus), and the Caucasus region (Orthodox Russians vs. Chechen Muslims). (Source)

It is our opinion that much of the religious violence and terror in the world today comes from the misunderstanding of the concept of Jihad. It is the writers view that true Islam needs to be taken directly from the Holy Quran the following is taken from – True Islam :-

“One of the most manipulated concepts in Islam today is the concept of jihad.

Sadly, a false and twisted version of the Quranic concept of Jihad has been used by terrorists acting in the name of Islam to commit various terrorist acts. These terrorist acts, which occur all over the world, aim at the indiscriminate killing of innocent people. They are being undertaken in the name of “jihad”. These non-Islamic acts have gone a long way towards distorting the image of Islam.

As with any religious concept, it’s correct definition lies in the scripture and not in the interpretation of humans. ” 

If anybody reading this blog is still considering violence or killing in the name of Islam then there is a very good article from the Tehran Times:-


“Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H.) had said that we should turn from the Lesser Jihad towards the Greater One. Jihad in general means ‘struggle’. In a specific sense, it [the lesser Jihad] signifies holy war. When the Prophet returned from the battlefield, he told his followers that he “had already finished the Lesser Jihad but the Greater Jihad is still there.”

Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H.) stated that the greater Jihad was to be completed by each and every Muslim, Jalaluddin Rumi  says that this Greater Jihad implies the continuous struggle with the elements that contaminate the ‘Self’. He indicates that the “Lesser Jihad” is a temporary struggle with external elements whereas the “Greater Jihad” is a permanent struggle with internal elements. 

 “0 Elders! We have crushed the enemies outside (poverty, disease, illiteracy and so on) but the hurdle of deadly enemies inside (lust, anger, greed, ego, envy, doubt) remains unscathed!
We pray that all humanity will soon see that we are a united family in one love and that there is one world, one humanity and one source.
Bright Blessings j

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